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Perfect nail polishes to complete every outfit

Nail polish is the easiest way to add a pop of personality to your style. Whether you prefer the perfect finish of a French manicure, or like to mix-up your beauty look with red lacquer, purple glitter or bubblegum pink holographic nails, you can express yourself quickly with just a slick of polish.

On eBay you can find a rainbow of colour collections from trusted brands like OPI and Floss Gloss, as well as tools for nail art, long-lasting gel polishes and polish remover.

Choose between matte or high shine finishes, velvet and suede textures, pearl, shimmer, glitter, metallic and mirror nail polishes. For the perfect party look, inject even more fun with crackle, neon, holographic, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark and even colour-changing nail polish.

Nail base coat's

A base coat should be applied before your chosen lacquer, to give an even surface for the colour, to avoid streaks, and to prevent dark colours from staining your nail beds. They come in transparent or neutral tones, such as pink, blush or lilac.

Nail top coat's

Banish that heartbreaking feeling of having your brand new manicure chip, with a top coat to keep everything in place. Apply this transparent layer over your coloured nail polish - you can use this step to add shine or glosses. Many people skip this crucial stage, but a gel or quick-dry top coat will keep your nail lasting through the weekend and beyond.

Nail polish pens, stamping polish and nail polish strips

For freehand nail art, nail polish pens let you scribble designs all over your nails. Red polka dots, mauve flowers or pink flamingos - let your imagination run riot. Corrector pens will help when it all goes a little wonky! Stamping polish will guide your designs. Nail polish strips act like a simple false nail, covering your nail with an adhesive design that can be trimmed to fit.

Treatment polish

Treatment polish can be used to strengthen nails, prevent biting and protect cuticles. They are usually a high shine transparent nail polish.