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Nail UV Lamps

Everyone wants the perfect manicure or pedicure, but not everyone always has the means and the time to get to the salon. Having the ability to have salon-quality manis and pedis at home is important, and for this reason, there are many manicure and pedicure products available to have salon-perfect nails, even at home. One of the much-needed necessities to own is a UV/LED lamp. This helps facilitate the process of having that manicure that looks perfect every time, as the right lamp quickly dries nails so you can go on about your day.

Salon Quality Lamps

One of the reasons women (and men) go to the salon is to have picture-perfect nails that are dry in a flash. However, a salon trip can take so much time because of how long it takes to sit under the UV lamp. Look for salon-quality nail dryer fans and UV LED lamps you can use at home to help expedite your manicure. These types of lamp will usually have a fair amount of wattage (60W and up). The higher the wattage, typically the quicker your nails will dry, as its simply a stronger machine.

Portable Types

If you find you dont have the space for a salon-quality lamp, you can always opt for a mini UV lamp, or a portable one. Many of these lamps dont even plug in - they run on batteries - so theyre great for travel, for placement on a dresser or a bureau, or just for everyday use. Look for mini lamps in many different colours and styles, often with their own travel case so you can take them anywhere. Some portable types also come with an extension cord, for easy plug-in anywhere.

Lamps for Different Polish Types

As youre shopping UV lamps, do keep in mind that some lamps work better for different types of manicures. Gel manicures are one of the most popular types in the modern world, but also take the longest to dry and are the most tedious. If you favour gel manicures, you want to make sure you opt for a lamp that expressly says its made for gel wraps and manicures. Similarly, if you get acrylics done, you want a lamp specifically made for acrylics.

Pedicure Lamps

Sadly, most UV lamps made for nails dont work so well on the feet. This is mainly a logistical issue, as feet are harder to place under small nail lamps. For perfect pedicures, youll need a separate type of UV lamp. These larger units usually plug into the wall, and pack a lot of wattage and power. Using the timer, simply set the amount of time you want, and let the UV light work its magic on your feet. You can also look for combination air dryer and UV lamp for pedicures.

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