Name Badges

Useful name badges for your business

Many businesses in Australia use name badges as a way to identify staff or provide a name to a face for networking and events. In fact, they are often becoming as essential to business stationery orders, as binders and staplers.

Badges come in a variety of designs, sizes and colours and can be tailored to your business brand and requirements. Quality name tags are also available to insert onto lanyards for identity and security access. There is a wide selection of name badges to choose from, from individual name badges to bulk orders for those larger business events.

Badges for business

If youre looking for name badges for your employees, there is an assortment of styles to choose from. Popular badges come with a pin or magnetic fastening. This makes them easy to apply to clothing. They are typically made of plastic or metal and are durable for long-lasting use.

The range of colours available also offers you the chance to differentiate between departments or staff grades. Youll also find a selection of name badges or plaques that can be used on doors or workstations to identify employees easily.

Event name badges

Name badges are ideal for large networking occasions and business events. This is because they help to introduce people on a first name basis.

A popular way to accommodate lots of people is by creating name tags which can be inserted into plastic sleeves and worn with lanyards. This style of name badge can be personalised to the event or business logo, so it acts as a promotional tool as well.

ID tags and lanyards

Identity tags and lanyards are an easy way to provide your workforce with suitable ID and there is a range of options to choose from to suit your business needs. Popular options include retractable reel lanyards with name badge holders and key or belt clip holders with metal fastenings which can also be used for interchangeable visitor name badges.