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Nancy Ganz is a well-known brand of shapewear for women in Australia. It certainly has come a long way from the days Bridget Jones.

Everyone remembers the iconic scene when Bridget finally goes home with Daniel Cleaver. Then when they’re both rolling around on the floor, he finds her comically-sized tummy-control underwear. Sure, it was comfortable, and practical, but it was a total buzzkill in the bedroom. Which is why so many women over the years gave up on it. That is, until now.

A sleek and streamlined silhouette is instantly yours thanks to the new range from Australian shapewear label Nancy Ganz. Imaginatively called “Lingerie with Benefits”, it will make you feel fantastic while it does its job of effortlessly smoothing your body wherever you want it to. Because, well to put it simply, it look just as sensual as it feels

Redefining and revolutionising the traditional notions of women’s shapewear for almost 30 years, Nancy Ganz has been creating undergarments created for women to look as well as feel their best, without any sacrifice style nor comfort.

Daring, beautiful, and always modern, Nancy Ganz has become part of the everyday wardrobe of women everywhere by creating shaping solutions that blur the lines between Lingerie and Shapewear. 

The Nancy Ganz Revolution

Nancy Ganz revolutionised intimate apparel in the 1990s by modernising the antiquated girdle when they launched the Hip Slip. The company had elevated these historically uncomfortable and unattractive control undergarments into what is now considered as shapewear, which means Nancy Ganz was historically the original shapewear brand.

Using the latest in technical fitting expertise and fabric technology, the shapewear by Nancy Ganz enhances your natural assets while it sculpts and smooths your body, paying special attention to any traditional problem areas.

Nancy Ganz again took shapewear to now heights in 2014 when they introduced their range of Sims. Made using a breathable sheer ultra-knit which make them lighter, Slims by Nancy Ganz are over 50% thinner than any of the traditional shapewear, and hold you much firmer in all the right places thanks to their innovative technology of flock banding.

Launched in 2009, Nancy Ganz also brought the benefits of shapewear right to the beach or poolside with the range of body-shaping swimwear, combining stylish colours and prints with flattering silhouettes. The ultimate shapewear solution for women who want to look and feel their best when they’re wearing swimwear.

Nancy Ganz Range

Nancy Ganz creates control garments that target many different concerns for all kinds of silhouettes, all without compromising the elegance of signature lingerie-inspired aesthetic. The shapewear brand understands the importance of flattering every kind of body, which is why they always strive to celebrate all shapes and sizes of women everywhere. 

Nancy Ganz has a wide range of lingerie and shapewear styles available to suit all kinds of needs. Shaper briefs and other underwear come in an assortment of cuts, from G-string, high-waisted, to midi designs. Bodysuits and shaper shorts are always optimised to streamline and smooth the tummy, hips, and thighs, while their staple under-bust slip allows for control from top-to-bottom without creating any extra bulk. Whether you just want a little extra support for your working week, or you’re slipping into a sultry, stylish cocktail dress for after dinner drinks, Nancy Ganz certainly will always have you covered.

How does Nancy Ganz work?

The unique combination of fit expertise and fabric technology offers women a wide range of garments to really smooth and sculpt wherever your body needs. Nancy Ganz has products to fix each different problem area which will ultimately make you look firm and feel more confident.

How Do I Choose My Size?

You should select garments that are your regular underwear size. Just remember that Shapewear is designed to be restrictive, firm, and tight fitting, otherwise it will not be able to have the maximum effect.

How Do I Choose A Garment?

Each one of the many different Nancy Ganz styles have been designed specifically to target different areas of the body, and not all styles will suit every body shape. You should start with your body shape, and your type of outfit, as well as what trying to achieve. 

What Colours Are Available?

Shapewear by Nancy Ganz is always available in either black or warm taupe, and they also add new colours for each season. Warm Taupe has a general skin colouring which will look good with almost any skin tones, which making it perfect the perfect colour for wearing under all kinds of lighter coloured clothing. On the other hand, black is a sleek and sophisticated alternative. Their swimwear is only available in slimming black, with additional prints and fashionable colours for each new season.

When Would I Wear It?

Designed to make you feel confident and look amazing for any occasion, Nancy Ganz is perfect underneath a formal dress, wedding gown, or any other time that you want to feel fantastic. 

Can You See Them Through My Clothes?

Designed using the latest technology and specifically with minimal seams, the Nancy Ganz range is smooth and sleek underneath all kinds of clothing. Plus, the Warm Taupe colour has a nice skin tone which makes it ideal for under all kinds of light coloured clothing.

What Is The Difference Of Other Shapewear Brands?

Nancy Ganz was historically the brand who originally created the modern Shapewear solution for today’s woman. Their garments are always manufactured with powerful and innovative fabrics, while their designs technically control unwanted bumps or lumps while simultaneously enhancing your natural assets.

How Should I Care For These Garments?

You should always treat your Nancy Ganz shapewear with the best of care, so hand washing with a mild detergent in cold water is recommended for long lasting results. For any extra information you should refer to each garment’s care instructions which can be found on the label.

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