Build your favourite characters out of Nanoblocks

Since launching in 2008, Nanoblock has continued to go from strength to strength, producing building block sets that are not only highly stimulating, but also super fun to get to grips with.

Incorporating well-known children's characters such as Hello Kitty, superheroes, Star Wars, and even Pokemon sets, there's a whole host of Nanoblock playsets that are sure to add a new and exciting dimension to playtime.

It's not just children and teenagers that love them, adults enjoy the challenge of constructing these micro-sized building blocks too.

5-7 Years

From Batman and dinosaurs, through to dragons and space themed sets, you will be able to discover a great selection of Nanoblock building toys that are perfect for kids aged between five and seven.

Enhancing your little one's problem-solving skills, all of the sets that are suitable for this age group are available in a range of interesting themes that children can relate to.

8-11 Years

Designed by a Japanese based company known as Kawada, Nanoblock also offers a whole host of building sets that are also suitable for kids aged 8-11 years.

Explore and discover lots of impressive models that are super fun to build with an increase in complexity. From the Nanoblock Mini Series through to the New DIY Mini Nanoblock Building Blocks Sets Mini Blocks Gift Toys Mario and Yoshi, all Nanoblock building toys will keep your kids entertained for hours.

12-16 Years

When you reach your teenage years, the fun doesn't have to stop when it comes to enjoying many of Nanoblock's exciting sets.

From the Nanoblock Steam Train Locomotive Nano Block Micro-Sized Building Blocks, through to the Nanoblock Triceratops Skeleton Nano Nanoblocks MicroSized Building Blocks, you will find a wide choice of intricate and challenging sets that will allow you to build incredibly precise and detailed models.