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Experience fantastic feelings of footwear freedom with Naot shoes from eBay

Naot Footwear was founded in Israel in 1942 and has evolved to become a fan-favourite manufacturer of comfortable footwear. Designed in line with the latest fashion trends, Naot features a range of women's boots, shoes, clogs and sandals.

Quality features of Naot shoes

Naot shoes are known for being highly durable due to materials adapted to withstand conditions of varying climates and environments worldwide.

The footpad is made of natural materials that both absorb perspiration and help make the shoes shock-resistant. The upper part of the shoe is made from fine natural leather that’s breathable, while the sole is constructed of rubber, polyurethane and latex to retain flexibility and resist erosion.

Comfortable Naot footpads

The footpad in Naot shoes encourages correct posture with a supportive anatomical structure. This support distributes the weight of the body equally over the entire foot with the extra wide footpad enabling the foot to rest and relax. The insole adjusts over a short period of wear so Naot shoes actually feel more comfortable as time passes.

Replacing your footpad

Naot shoes feature a removable insole, making it easy to air out and clean your shoes. This also allows the wearer to replace the footpad with a customised orthopaedic/medical insole if needed. The construction of the insole is a blend of natural latex and light flakes of cork, allowing the footpad to adjust to the shape of the foot and absorb shocks. This is then covered in a comfortable suede which helps absorb moisture. Naot says all substances used in the footpad are 100% natural.

Taking care of your Naot shoes

Naot recommends using Collonil Shoe Polish as a general shoe polish and nourisher. It’s available in a range of colours as well as neutral.