Nappies are a necessity for anyone with a baby. Often reusable, eco-friendly, practical, and just plain cute, they can be made from a variety of comfortable, breathable materials, such as bamboo fabric, industrial cotton, wool, or unbleached hemp. Non-absorbent materials like polyester, fleece, and faux suede are also used as inside liners for their wicking abilities and allow the nappy to stay dry.

Change Mats and Covers

When it comes to changing time, it’s best to have a protective layer underneath baby. An extra blanket is fine most of the time, but given the baby’s occasional restlessness or general feistiness, everything can go awry the second you turn your head to fetch something. This is why nappy change mats and covers are practical. They provide a breathable protective layer while retaining their shape so they do not become ruffled when baby kicks their feet around while being changed. Most mats are padded and lined with hospital-grade vinyl for easy cleanup. Others keep fashion in mind and feature stylish patterns while being able to fold into a purse or handbag as well.

Nappy Bags

Nappy bags make changing time easier on parents. They have compartments to hold all the necessities within reach. Either stylish or practical or both, some take the conventional backpack or tote bag form. The outer pocket is generally reserved for quick access to baby bottles, wipes, and favourite toys, while the middle compartments store extra nappies, towels, clothes, and blankets. Stylish models include satchel-style bags with matching sub-bags in which you place smaller necessities like baby powder. These have a lower capacity than backpacks, but look quite chic.

Nappy Liners

Nappies can only do so much on their own, so using nappy liners to catch much of the solids and absorb the liquids emanating for your baby’s bum area is always a good idea. These come in reusable forms, but there are disposable and biodegradable options ideal for travel. Just lay them on the interior of a nappy and add creams or powder as preferred before strapping the nappy on.