Nappy Back Packs

A backpacks to hold all your baby essentials

Choosing the right nappy or diaper bag for your baby is not a snap decision. You need to purchase a bag with enough compartments to satisfy your needs throughout the day, but you may also want to find the most stylish carrier for use when changing those stinky nappies. There are several factors to consider when choosing a diaper bag.

Can you wash your diaper bag?

Keeping your diaper bag clean is just as important as filling the backpack with the right bottle and diapers for changing. The average diaper bags are cloth, which means that washing them is possible and is simply a matter of tossing them in the washing machine. It is a good idea to use the low cycle on your machine and cleanse in cold water. You should forgo the machine for air drying on the clothesline. Leather bags should not be washed in a machine but rather wiped off with a special cleaning solution.

What materials should you steer clear of when looking for the right bag?

Diaper bags containing PVC, nickel, azo dyes, and phthalates should be avoided. It is ideally a good idea to stick with brands that take pride in organic materials. You as a mom or dad do not want to expose your child to toxic materials, either directly or indirectly.

How can you gauge a brand's integrity?

The average diaper bag manufacturer whose intentions are honest will have a code of conduct that they boldly share with customers. Searching the company's website is the fastest way to become acquainted with production proceedings, which may or may not be in line with your standards. A manufacturer with vague or non-existent sustainable production measures may not be the ideal choice if you are a mom or dad who values organic products for babies.

What should you look for regarding fashion?

The type of diaper bag that you choose largely depends on your fashion preferences. Stylish moms may find bags that resemble that of messenger carriers as more appealing than traditional diaper bags that have the bulky appeal. Athletic parents may find a diaper bag designed after a backpack as more befitting for their lifestyles.

Regardless of the style of diaper bag you choose, it is essential to make sure that the carrier has at least one pocket and space for your changing pad. Some bags have insulated bottle warmers that keep milk fresh and ready for the baby for hours. This feature may not be the number one option if your child is a toddler.

What size diaper bag should you choose?

The size of diaper bags that moms and dads choose largely depends on the age of their kids. Newborn babies require more diaper changes throughout the day as well as feeding bottles. Toddlers, on the other hand, are pretty independent and may require one or two clothing changes during the day. You may be able to get away with a small diaper bag if your child is over the age of one. It may be ideal to pick a large bag with several compartments if you are the proud parent of an infant.

Is flame retardant necessary in a diaper bag?

Any product that has to do with the kids should be safe and guard against things like fires. Buying a bag with flame retardant technology is not necessary, but it wouldn't be a bad feature to search for in your next diaper carrier.