Nappy Covers

Nappy Covers

Disposable nappies are menaces to the environment. Parents change nappies up to three times a day, so imagining the pile of rubbish that accumulates per year may send shivers down your spine. Its good then that people see beyond the convenience of disposable nappies and opt for cloth variants; they are friendly to the earth and only require dedication for maintenance. Nappy covers support the cloth that comes into contact with your baby’s bottom and not only provides support but also much-needed waterproofing.

PUL Covers

Polyurethane laminate (PUL) nappy covers are the more popular variants. Usually made of synthetic fabric, they may also be made of bamboo fibre. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and can handle nigh infinite washings without ever tattering. You can wipe and reuse them between washings as well as wash them together with the nappies. Fun designs include PUL nappy covers with rockets to the moon or cement trucks and other heavy machinery chugging along the nappy’s bum.

Wool Covers

While these are quite expensive compared to PUL or cloth covers, they are 100 percent natural, water absorbent, and breathable. Though perfect for keeping baby’s groin area warm during chilly nights, they can be a little finicky, so be prepared for special laundering sessions and lanolising the wool fabric.

Cloth Covers

While cloth nappy covers do not have as much waterproofing as synthetic covers like PUL, they have impeccable breathability, making them perfect for hot days, so be sure be pack some in your littles one nappy bag before heading out on a warm day. This decreases the chances rashes developing and are overall smoother on the skin than synthetic fabric covers. Cloth covers for baby girls include pretty pink shades, while some even come in tutu and little skirt designs.

Velcro or Snap Covers

Choosing the fastening method is purely up to you. Each has their own wear and tear problems, which generally rear their ugly heads long after your baby outgrows them. Keep in mind though that Velcro can be pretty loud, so if your little one is a light sleeper, you may want to consider snap fastener variants.