In A League Of Their Own: Rugby League NRL Cards

Would you rather be on the footy field? Or would you rather be cheering on your favourite league team from the sidelines? Being a true footy supporter, you undoubtedly have all the paraphernalia associated with your team. Did you have a member of your family who is just as enthusiastic about league as you? Did they encourage you to start collecting anything you could in association with them, from your game ticket stubs, jerseys, flags, hands, or the age-old trading card? Then look at the excellent range of NRL cards available for you to choose from on eBay to add to your collection.

The history of Rugby League

  • Originated in Northern England in 1895 as a split from the Rugby football union due to contention around payments to players, with the first game being played on September 7, 1895.
  • Rules progressively changed due to wanting to play a faster and more entertaining game for the spectators. 
  • Australia created Rugby league faction in 1907.
  • The first League game was played in Australia on May 8, 1909, in Brisbane.
  • New Zealand followed suit in 1908 to create its first Rugby league faction. 
  • Played in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Even though Rugby League went on to remove rugby union as the primary football code in NSW and QLD they did not get on the trading card band wagon until 1963 when Scanlen's produced the first Rugby League set. Since then, several companies also produced cards. All other companies were eventually replaced by the NRL licensed company 'Elite Sport Properties' who began producing their trading cards. One stand-out collection is the Startoons which features caricatures of the players. 

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