Feel good with natural alternative remedies

Traditional medicine has made leaps and bounds in its progress over recent years and these are widely publicised. However, the market for alternative medicine is also expanding rapidly, as people seek treatments that are not drug based to cure their symptoms and improve their health. There are a number of ways of treating and healing the body with natural remedies. Often scented with herbs, tea tree, lemon, and peppermint there are many types of alternative natural remedies.


This focuses on aromatherapy essential oils, preferably uncut and high grade to maximise its relaxing effect. Using an essential oil, LED ultrasonic diffuser will boost the efficacy of the oils, but you can also use roll on oils. These are 10ml bottles, designed to use almost as a perfume and handily, you can just refill them when empty rather than purchasing a fresh bottle.

Herbal medicines

Herbal medicines are a type of dietary supplement and an alternative medicine to the more conventional medicines on the market. They are formulated to treat specific ailments or behaviours. If you suffer from anxiety, the complementary remedy St Johns Wort herb and botanical supplement is the natural remedy that you need. If you have a cold then fresh ginger root would work well. Herbal medicines are free of side effects making them a popular choice


This is a very well known alternative treatment. Traditionally using needles to target different areas of the body in acupuncture Chinese herbs are also used. Vacuum cupping is a type of painkilling massaging for the body with no needles involved. This treatment is all about using the cups to revitalise the blood and other fluids present within bodily tissues to target the causes of both short term and, long term pain. Only trained practitioners should perform these treatments.


Similar in its method, but this is widely used to reduce addictive habits through the use of magnets. For example, it helps people to quit smoking through the use of a small magnet on your ear. It's designed to release endorphins to combat the urge to smoke. Made from titanium, it's painless and convenient to use.