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Naturalizer was first launched in 1927 during a time of massive cultural shift for women in particular. Until Naturalizer came along, women had to make a distinct choice between fashion or comfort. Naturalizer changed all that, being one of the first manufacturers to combine elements of fashion and comfort in one shoe.

Almost a century later, Naturalizer still offers beautiful, commercially savvy women’s footwear in a range of styles to suit the needs of all modern women. From the beach to the boardroom, the diverse range of styles produced by Naturalizer are bound to have you wishing you’d discovered this incredible brand years before. Say goodbye to blisters and hello to a gorgeous blend of comfort and fashion!

Naturalizer boots

Boots come in many different shapes and styles, and they all have pretty unique uses. This has never been truer than in the Naturalizer range of boots. By combining modern trends, classic styles and above all, comfort and durability, this range of boots has you covered no matter where you’re going to wear them.

In a range of materials such as leather and suede, there’s some delightful ankle boots – a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. With chunky soles that make walking a breeze, ankle boots are multi-functional for both work and play. There’s also higher cut versions - knee length and over the knee.

For something a little more elegant, there’s stiletto style boots that would suit any evening dress, as well as flatter boots with or without heels. For the woman of action, there’s even lace-up work boot styles, and in these boots there won’t be anything you can’t do!

Heels for all occasions

Women’s heels – there’s just so many different styles, and so many occasions you need a quality pair of designer heels. From summer afternoons with friends to the boardroom to the dance floor, heels are an essential item for every modern woman. One of the criticisms of modern heels though, is the lack of comfort. Naturalizer work hard to take away this problem and deliver heels that you can wear day and night.

There’s a great selection of strappy wedges, low heels and stiletto heels that are a perfect match for any evening wear or glamourous summer dress. You’ll also find plenty of more demure heel styles – all different heights and heel shapes, and a mixture of closed and ope- toe option.

Seriously, there is just SO much to choose from in the Naturalizer heel range. Funky summer heels and wedges, all the way through to the elegance and glamour of gorgeous feminine evening heels – your wardrobe is going to be beautifully diverse if you shop with Naturalizer – and you won’t be walking around with blisters the next day!

Flats for comfort and style

Flats are one of the most versatile shoe types in a modern woman’s fashion arsenal, and there’s plenty of variety to choose from with Naturalizer. The great thing about Naturalizer flats is their emphasis on comfort, and the styles are almost designed in three stages. There’s flats and slip-on loafer styles that are great for casual occasions – catching up with friends or even in the workplace.

Then there’s a next step up – flats that combine a subtle hint of elegance with an effortless style. These flats are perfect for work, or even semi-formal occasions – those times you don’t want to dress for full glamour, but you need a bit more than loafers.

There’s also flats that are so stunning, you could wear them to weddings, parties and all-important events where your outfit may require a bit more class. Whatever your need, Naturalizer gives you flats that you can wear all day without getting sore feet, and you’ll feel great the whole time!

Summer sandals from Naturalizer

Summer brings out some amazing fashion choices. It’s that time of year where you can dress with stunning elegance, or relax in beach-inspired casualwear and still feel amazing. Fortunately, Naturalizer have an exquisite range of sandals and summer footwear, from the casual and comfortable to the elegant and…still comfortable!

You can choose from the beach-inspired chunky-sole sandals (which come with a variety of strap and slip-on arrangements), flat slip-on style sandals or even summer shoes with an athletic flair. For those more formal occasions, there’s glorious sandals available to suit any dress or outfit you choose to wear them with. Naturalizer truly leave no stone unturned in their quest to provide footwear for everyone.

The athleisure range

Need something a little sporty that you can also wear with your favourite jeans or shorts? You’ve found it with the athleisure range from Naturalizer. As the name suggests, these casual shoes could comfortably be worn in the gym, but the eclectic mix of colours, patterns and designs mean they’re great for a more casual purpose too. If you’re going to be on your feet for a while, you’ll be glad you chose from Naturalizers athleisure range!

Quality and comfort you can trust

Being one of the first brands to combine comfort and fashion elements into women’s footwear, Naturalizer have been leading the way for nearly a century. One of the key ingredients to the current Naturalizer range is an effort to interpret modern trends into ways that women really want to wear them. What you end up with is a unique blend of current fashion and an enduring, classic style that women have loved for decades.

To say that Naturalizer knows a thing or two about making comfortable footwear would be an understatement, and in the 1940’s it was even christened with the description “the shoe with the beautiful fit”. If the shoes fit well back in 1940, imagine just how comfortable they are with all the technological advancements in footwear creation!

So, if you want a footwear range that doesn’t just talk about comfort, make Naturalizer your first choice – because they actually live it. You could fill your whole shoe rack with different varieties from Naturalizer, and you’d never get tired of decking your feet out in “the shoe with the beautiful fit”.