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Navman GPS Units

Navman GPS

Navman GPS units are some of the most popular devices of their kind in the world, and the company produces a wide variety of GPS navigation systems for all types of vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks and vans. Moreover, you can also enhance your driving experience with navigation systems for boats or GPS software for pocket PCs, all manufactured by Navman.


Deciding which GPS unit to buy may take a bit of time because there are many features to consider, including map updates and GPS portability. If youre looking for a GPS unit that you can easily control with your smartphone, Navman GPS units with Bluetooth would be a good choice. To be able to recharge the GPS unit without having to take it out of the vehicle, look into Navman GPS units with car chargers.

Technical Specifications

Navman GPS units come with various screen sizes that range from 4.3 to 5 inches, and most feature 4 GB of internal flash memory. All units have integrated smart route, landmark guidance, and Australian spoken street names. Extra features you can only find on selected models include historical traffic information, voice destination entry, and premium driver alerts.

Map Updates

Easy to upgrade maps are essential for a GPS system, so look for a model that allows that for up-to-date navigation whenever you need. Some of the Navman GPS systems come with free map upgrades for the entire life of the unit. In most cases, you can receive email notifications when a new map update is available for download.


From mounts to cables and cases, there are multiple Navman accessories that can enhance your GPS user experience. With a vehicle power adapter, you can recharge the power of your GPS unit on the go, while a case can protect your device from accidents, such as drops that may damage the screen.