Cleaning your home is no longer a chore with help from Neato

One way to take the strain out of vacuuming is to invest in a robotic Botvac vacuum from Neato. These nifty gadgets do the cleaning for you, freeing up your time for other tasks. And with plenty of useful features and smartphone connectivity, a robotic vacuum will change your cleaning routine forever.

You will find a number of different Neato robotic vacuums available, from the basic models to the more powerful examples with greater battery capacity. If you own a pet, you will know only too well how hair can quickly collect on the carpet. A Neato robot vacuum is ideal to keep on top of challenging pet hair, saving you time and effort.

With various models to choose from, including the Neato XV Signature Pro, the Neato XV-11, and the Neato 48210 Botvac, letting you find the ideal robotic vacuum cleaner for your home.

Neato functionality

One of the best features of a Neato vacuum cleaner is its ability to interface with your smartphone. This means you can take full control of your robotic vacuum wherever you are based. For example, if you are away from the home, you could simply log-on to a Wi-Fi connection point, load up the Neato app, then instruct your vacuum to begin cleaning.

Connecting your smartphone will allow you to view vacuum statistics, such as the time it has taken to clean the home and the total area cleaned. You can also view a backlog of cleaning tasks and schedule cleaning jobs, all from within the app.

Each Neato robot vacuum cleaner includes laser floor plan mapping and navigation, which allows the device to scan an area prior to cleaning, then decide the optimal approach to ensure the best clean. A number of accessories are available, such as the allergy upgrade kit, a combo brush, HEPA filters, spare parts, ultra performance filters, and more.