Needle Threaders

Needle Threaders

Expert sewers are familiar with needle threaders and they know that it is still a necessary sewing tool when it comes to their job. Needle threaders are part of the necessary sewing supplies for several reasons. First, they are ideal for beginners. Second, they help people with poor eyesight. And lastly, they help increase productivity by quickly threading a needle.

How Do Needle Threaders Work?

The basic needle threader is comprised of a handle in the shape of a coin and a slim and flexible wire in the shape of a diamond. The outer tip of the diamond, the one not connected to the handle, is inserted into the eye of the needle. As soon as the diamond is on the other side, you will slip in the thread, pull out the diamond from the needle, and voilà: the needle is threaded.

Other Types of Needle Threaders

The needle threader discussed above is just the simplest one you will find. These days there are different designs and styles that can improve or speed up the threading process. For example, some handles are thicker to improve the grip on the threader. Others are designed for knitting, crocheting and threading on sewing machines.

Other Sewing Materials

A needle threader would not be complete without a set of hand sewing needle accessories that are must-haves for anyone who wants to create something out of a piece of fabric. First, you will need a sewing needle pin cushion. This helps keep your needles organised and lets you safely store your needles. You also need a thread organiser where you can store your thread by colour and type. And of course, you will two sharp pairs of scissors: one for fabric and one for thread.

Protect Yourself

Even if you know how to properly thread a needle, there is still a chance you may injure yourself with the non-pointy end. This is a common occurrence for sewers. That is why you need hand sewing thimbles to prevent getting poked or stressing out your skin from too much pressure when pushing down on needles. For beginners, it is not necessary to apply thimbles to all of your fingers.