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Stay on target with the Nerf Vulcan

The Nerf Vulcan is an electronic belt-fed blaster toy gun that can fire unique forms of ammunition including a dart, arrow or missile. It's the ultimate weapon to battle friends and shoot down targets from a distance, offering hours of playtime fun for kids of all ages. Whether you are looking to play on your own or with friends the Nerf Vulcan can provide hours of entertainment indoors or outdoors.

Nerf Guns

There's a variety of different Nerf toy guns to choose from such as the Vulcan EBF-25, which is a large blaster gun featuring an automatic firing mode for the most impact. The Vulcan EBF-25 also has an ammo box on its side, which is where the belt is stored. Other Nerf blaster guns include the Longshot CS-6, Stryfe, Longstrike CS-6, RapidStrike CS-18, Hades XVIII-6000 and many more.


The Vulcan Nerf Gun includes a great selection of accessories to make playtime even more entertaining. Most guns require batteries to operate, so keep this in mind when purchasing your N-Strike toy gun. Accessories with the N-Strike Vulcan gun includes a removable and adjustable tripod, ammo box, 2 x 25-dart belts and 50 darts for fast shooting.


The type of ammunition depends on the Vulcan gun you have chosen. If you like to shoot darts, it's best to go for a dart shooter gun for the most fun and precision. You can stock up on ammunition such as a pack of streamline darts to add to your collection. The Whistler Soft Foam Dart pack comes with up to 100 darts that are soft so you won't have to worry about the safety of your kids when playing with this type of toy.


Test out your accuracy skills and have some target practice with the nerf darts or bullets, all designed for outside play. See how far you can get your dart, or whether or not you hit the bullseye.

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