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NetComm Home Network Wireless Routers

These days it’s vital that you have Internet around the house keeping you connected to the wider world. With an increasing hunger for bandwidth across more devices, you need to make sure your home network is able to meet your demands. Choose a device like those among Netcomm’s range of home network wireless rotuers to ensure everyone at home has Internet access.


With wireless routers, all you need to do is connect them to a modem and multiple devices can then connect to the Internet. This is usually done with an ADSL or ADSL2+ modem, but many feature a USB port so that you can connect a 3G/4G USB modem as well. Once the modem and router are connected, people have the option of connecting either via ethernet cable or through the router’s Wi-Fi zone. It’s worth noting that if you have NBN or are planning ahead for it, that some wireless routers are solely for NBN, while others are compatible with both ADSL2+ and NBN. For an even simplified setup, look for the Netcomm computer modem router combos, which has the modem built-in.

File Sharing

One of the real benefit of wireless routers is that they allow you to setup a home network for file sharing across your devices. Once your computers are connected to the router, you are able to access documents, pictures and videos from other trusted devices. Many wireless routers also have a USB port, allowing you to plug in an external hard drive or memory stick, sharing files that way without fiddling around with various computer hardware.

Dual Band

Some NetComm home network wireless routers have the ability to operate across two frequencies, increasing the bandwidth they can provide. Typically at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, each frequency has its own network, thereby sharing the load of the wireless network.


You really only want trusted devices connecting to your home network, so it’s a good thing that Netcomm’s wireless routers come with their own security measures. Their routers feature Wi-Fi encryption including protocols like WEP, WPA and the recommended WPA2+.

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