Boost your business with network server memory (RAM)

If starting up the computers on your network seems to take forever, if programs on the network computers lag or simply don’t respond, if multi-tasking crashes the computer, then it may be time to add memory to your business network. Or if you’re adding a new computer or server to the network, it could also be time to ensure you have the memory required to keep everyone up and running. Thanks to the reliable range of network server memory (RAM) available here on eBay, you can add memory to your network with ease.

Understanding network server memory (RAM)

As one of the most important resources in your entire computing network, memory touches and influences almost every part of the network’s performance. An upgrade or increase in your network’s memory can revamp your whole system and is far cheaper than replacing the computers or servers. If your network lacks memory, increasing it should help to improve faster loading times for computers and applications on the network, increase the processing speed for data intensive programs, and improve overall responsiveness.

Be sure not to confuse memory with storage. Memory is used by the computer or server to perform short term tasks and access short term data like editing a spreadsheet, opening programs, and internet browsing. Storage is used to save documents, files, and programs on a long term basis. It’s usually easier to know when you need to add more storage to your network as the computer simply won’t allow you to save any more files and will warn you that there’s no storage left.

While you’re exploring ways to upgrade and improve your enterprise network server components, don’t hesitate to check out the range of network server power supplies to keep your system powered up. Whatever amount of network server memory (RAM) you need for your system, don’t forget about the great range available here on eBay today.