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Wi-Fi Booster

If your home or office Internet signal isn't reaching all of the devices it needs to, the solution may be as simple as installing a Wi-Fi extender. Also known as a Wi-Fi booster or repeater, these devices help to extend the range of your Internet signal effectively and affordably. If you want faster data rates at short distances, look for 5 GHz home Wi-Fi boosters, extenders, and antennas, or if you're after improved coverage over greater distances, consider 2.4 GHz home Wi-Fi boosters.

Internet Obstacles

There are many obstacles in the average home or office that may inhibit your Internet signal from its optimal productivity. Whether it's long distances from devices to the router or physical structures in between computers and access points, the dropping of signal strengths is a common issue. This can be particularly problematic in office settings where a steady Internet connection from all areas is crucial to effectively communicate with clients.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Boosters

The main advantage of a Wi-Fi booster is that it extends the Internet signal across your home or office without the need for additional wiring. Just place the booster part way between the wireless access point and the device that requires an improved signal and it will be extended there. There's no complicated installation process or hefty costs involved, providing a simple solution to a big problem.

Wi-Fi Booster vs Wireless Repeater

A Wi-Fi booster is technically a signal amplifier that connects to the wireless router, while a wireless repeater is a standalone device that extends the network's reach. These two terms are often used interchangeably for a standalone device that can enhance your network's performance. Keep in mind that wireless routers operate at the speed of the slowest device, but you can find multiple antennae routers that allow you to use multiple devices at different speeds.

Selecting a Wi-Fi Booster

When shopping for a Wi-Fi booster, it's important to find one that is compatible with your router (as not all boosters work with all style of routers) and to select a range that suits your needs. Also, check for any features that may allow you to operate the device remotely or attach additional equipment to enhance your Internet signal even more.

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