Pro audio equipment for any musician from Neumann

If you are in the market for high quality, precision microphones, Neumann is a solid choice. As one of the foremost microphone manufacturers in the world, when you purchase a Neumann, you know you are obtaining some of the best quality audio equipment for your recording studio. Now part of the Sennheiser Group, the company has a fascinating history and is one of the most widely used specialist microphone companies, regularly being the first choice for many professional and semi-professional recording artists.

From Neumann pro audio speakers to mic stands, discover the perfect piece of musical equipment to finish off your home studio.

Neumann microphones

The latest Neumann pro audio microphones provide uncompromising sound quality, premium grade construction, and the latest technology to produce amazing audio. With a wide product range, Neumann delivers excellent results, whether you are in the recording studio or require a high-quality microphone to conduct your own personal recording.

Some typical examples of Neumann products you will encounter include condenser, capsule, diaphragm, and cardioid microphones. On each Neumann microphone, you will find a number of features to aid audio output. German precision and build quality is evident regardless of the model you select, so you can purchase safe in the knowledge you will obtain a professional grade microphone.

Vintage pro audio equipment

If you are searching for vintage microphones from Neumann, many excellent examples are available here on eBay. This includes nearly new microphones that are in excellent condition, secondhand microphones that may show some signs of wear and tear, and also broken microphones, which are suitable for spare parts. Many vintage examples come complete with wooden storage boxes, which not only look great when unpacking your studio, they also protect the microphone from damage.

Microphone holders & stands

A number of accessories are also available for your Neumann microphone, such as microphone holders, stands, instruction manuals, boxes for safe storage, or microphone shock mounts, which help to reduce the amount of vibration from the floor or general environment.