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New Balance 574 Athletic Shoes for Men

Feel great in a new pair of New Balance 574s

The New Balance 574 style is a classic that never goes out of fashion. With its retro look and extreme comfort, the shoe is a popular choice among fans of the brand. It’s both minimalist and sturdy, with a mesh that decreases its weight while making it cooler to wear and faster to air or dry after intense exercise.

Artist collaborations make for colourful sneakers

While the outside hasn’t changed too much, aside from different materials like suede and leather, the inside has kept up with the times. The sole uses modern support technology to keep your feet comfortable. The 574 makes a good all-rounder shoe, being equally comfortable on a hiking trail or the field athletics circuit.

The original 574s were relatively boring shoes when it came to the use of colour. However, over the years, they’ve certainly evolved in this department. New Balance likes to collaborate with artists now and then, and the 574 is a popular canvas for them to use. Artists like Louis de Guzman, Dr Zulu, and Sneaker Freaker have all put together designs for the iconic athletic shoe.

How to care for 574s

New Balance 574s are largely mesh, so they require less care than a lot of sneakers. As with all shoes – especially those you frequently sweat in – it’s a good idea to give them a chance to air out after you wear them. A light sponge with a moist cloth is all they’ll tend to need unless they’re dirty. The one exception is if you’ve chosen a pair made with suede in the upper – these will need a bit more care to keep the suede looking good, and a waterproofing spray might be useful.

If you pack your New Balances in a bag often – to go to the gym after work, for example – a shoe bag is often a good idea to keep them from being crushed and to limit sharing any stinky-foot odour immediately after your workout. Shop for shoes and other accessories on eBay today.