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New Balance women’s sneakers – as supportive as a best friend

When you look at a pair of New Balance women’s shoes, you don’t see the years of expertise that go into their design. But your feet might feel the difference. From its beginnings as a little company producing arch supports to becoming one of the most popular shoe brands in the world, New Balance certainly has come a long way in its century-odd history. A couple of things have remained the same, though – a dedication to quality, and a focus on producing the ideal fit.

Finding the right shoe for your activity

New Balance makes a wide variety of shoes designed for all sorts of sports and foot types. While this selection is great, it can also be a bit bewildering, especially if you’re new to working out. If you just want a general shoe that will support you through a range of activities, you might find that a cross-training shoe best meets your needs.

It might sound as though it’s designed specifically for CrossFit enthusiasts, but these shoes are simply all-rounders – you can wear them for walking, running, playing sports, almost anything. They’re a good choice if you’re just getting back into regular exercise and don’t have a particular passion. Once you decide on a specific sport or activity – if you do – you might consider buying specialty shoes explicitly designed for it.

Taking up running or jogging?

Most people who run or jog do so on roads and footpaths. These are typically surfaced in concrete or bitumen and can be quite jarring on your joints. While this generally won’t do much in the short term, in the longer term you can end up with ankle, knee, hip or back injuries from the jarring and posture changes you adopt to cope with it. The best way to minimise this issue is with a quality pair of shoes specifically designed for running, including high-tech cushioning and support.

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