New Nintendo 3DS XL Video Game Consoles


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New Nintendo 3DS XL Video Game Consoles

Nintendo has many video game consoles on offer, one of the latest being the Nintendo 3DS XL. A handheld game console, the Nintendo 3DS XL provides a 3D experience on a large screen, making gameplay on the go more exciting and easier on the eyes. 


Nintendo 3DS XL game consoles generally include a Nintendo 3DS XL stylus, as well as a microSDHC memory card. With its super stable 3D functionality, gameplay is smooth even when you move around a lot. Upcoming software will also help performance and improve graphics. The controller stick and button allows for extra control. Amiibo compatible software is included. Movie files and videos of several formats can be viewed on the game console through the pre-installed Internet browser. 


Nintendo 3DS XL game consoles are available in blue, black and red. Custom design cases can also be purchased. This includes designs from a variety of games playable on the game console, like Zelda, Yoshi and Animal Crossing. Other Nintendo game consoles, both handheld and not, have different designs, colours and games available. The Nintendo 3DS XL has a customisable home menu with themes from Nintendo franchises, some with built-in background music and sound effects. 


Popular games for the Nintendo 3DS XL include Zelda, Yoshi, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. While many of these games are family-friendly, some have higher ratings and differing levels of violence, so check each game’s suitability before purchasing. 

Other Nintendo Consoles 

Nintendo’s other game consoles include the Nintendo DS, an early version of the 3DS without the 3D capability; the Nintendo 3DS with 3D capability and a screen smaller than the 3DS XL offers and the Nintendo Switch, which doubles as a handheld game console and a normal console, connecting up to any television with Internet capability. They also have the Nintendo Playstation series, which includes a line of consoles that plug into your television and have cabled or wireless controllers; the Playstation VR, the virtual reality system that works with Playstation 4; and the original Nintendo NES classic console, with game cartridges and wired controllers.