New South Wales Stamps

New South Wales Stamps

Stamp collectors will appreciate finding stamps from New South Wales. New South Wales has a rich history in Australia being the first settlements to be built once the British Colonies and Convicts arrived.  The state is an integral part of Australia and is commonly used in stamp designs around the country.


Some collectors like to focus on the design of a stamp, whether they be the trains and railroads New South Wales stamps or the image of a royal. Some of the Australian stamps by state territory feature an image of a prominent city or celebrity from the area. Collectors can choose one category of design or select multiple design topics to create their collections.


Royalty New South Wales stamps is one way to learn the history of this region. Collectors can find images of past and present rulers and display them in chronological order. The pink relief tax stamp from 1933 documents an important era in Australian history, and many other stamps include special events from the past.

New and Used

It is possible to find brand new stamps, but there are also used stamps for sale as well. Older stamps are generally rarer so collectors are always looking to expand their collection and willing to pay extra to do so.

Rare Stamps

Some New South Wales stamps are rare either because very few have survived or because few were printed in the first place. They may have had a flaw, which made it easy to identify them from the original design. Many of them were from the nineteenth century and some showcase the city of Sydney on the front. Rare stamps have a increased price due collectors wanting to develop their collection as much as possible.