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The postage stamp was invented in 1840. It was known as the Penny Black Stamp and it was engraved with a profile of Queen Victoria. This stamp replaced the Bishop mark, which was a hand stamp that had been used since 1661. In 1837 Sir Rowland Hill, an English schoolmaster, created the adhesive stamp. In fact, this invention was what Sir Hill received his knighthood for. He was also behind the first postage rate that was based on weight instead of size.

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Stamp collecting

The world's first stamp collector is believed to be John Edward Gray, a British zoologist. Collectors started in the 1860s before stamps were common all over the world. With most countries issuing postage stamps by the 1870s, philately, which is the technical term for stamp collecting, quickly became a serious hobby.

While the technical term for stamp collecting is philately, one popular moniker stamp collectors enjoy is The Hobby of Kings. This is because many rulers have taken part in the hobby.

The stamps

The Penny Black is popular amongst stamp collectors. However, there are thousands of them. While it may have been the first stamp, it's certainly not the most valuable or the rarest. You can find a Penny Black online on eBay if your collection is missing one.

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