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How to choose the athletic shoes for you

There are some key elements that you need to think about when choosing your next pair of athletic shoes. They are one of the ingredients that will begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Shoes are the place to start, whether you are revamping your routine or starting from scratch. But how do you pick? There is so many choices out there it can be daunting.

Choose for your sport

Base your shoes on the activity that you will be partaking in. You want tennis shoes for tennis or basketball shoes for basketball. Manufacturers like Nike ensure that their specific shoes have the features needed for their use. They can help you to perform better and be a better athlete in the long run.This may seem pretty straight forward but having the athletic shoes to suit your activity is only the beginning.

Replace them when needed

Make sure that you replace your shoes based on the time that you have had them. Wearing your athletic shoes past their prime is worse than you may think. It is generally recommended that after a maximum of 800 kms of running they should be replaced, or when you notice significant wear on the mid-sole.

Stick within your budget

Make sure you work within your budget. Whether it is $20 or $200, there is a pair of athletic shoes out there for you. Do not disappoint yourself and when you go shopping for the great pair, check the price before you try them on! There is no point finding the pair you want to purchase only to realise they are out of reach.

Shopping by brand

Nike has a high quality reputation when it comes to shoes and the Nike Air Max Plus is one of the most popular styles available. Check the descriptions for the right sizes.

If you keep these tips in mind when shopping for your next pair of athletic shoes you are guaranteed to find the right pair! When you do, you will certainly notice the difference.