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Nike Boys' Shoes

Nike is a brand known for making high quality athletic wear, and the Boys' shoes the brand makes are no exception. Nearly all of them feature the highly recognizable Nike swoop symbol that the brand is known for, and they are designed for functionality as well as comfort and style. Nike makes Boys' shoes for toddlers all the way up to teenagers and many of them feature bright colours that tend to draw children's attention. There are many different types of Nike boys' shoes to choose from so you can find some that suit your child's needs while allowing them to walk around in style.

What Types of Boys' Shoes does Nike Make?

Nike makes several different types of boys' shoes. Some are ideal for athletics while others are more casual.

  • Boys' Nike Trainers, or Boys' Nike running shoes, are great for athletic pursuits as well as for everyday wear. They are designed to be breathable and feature flexible soles that allow for a wide range of motion.
  • Boys' Nike basketball shoes, such as the boys' Nike Air Max, feature non-mark soles that are ideal for a gym floor. They come in high top and low top varieties and they feature added padding and arch support to make jumping and landing on a hard surface more comfortable.
  • Nike boys' skateboarding shoes have a flat sole that is ideal for grippin the textured surface of a skateboard. These shoes also work well for everyday wear and they have a loose, comfortable fit.
  • Nike boys' sandals are a great casual option. They are open toed which is good for summer and they can be worn with or without socks.

What Types of Closures Do Nike Boys' Shoes Have?

There are a few different types of closures available on Nike Kids' shoes.

  • Standard shoelaces are one type of closure that these shoes come with. These are great for older children who have learned how to tie their shoes or those who are ready to learn how.
  • Some Nike boys' shoes feature velcro closures. These are ideal for those who have not yet learned to tie their shoes, or those who like to fasten their shoes one-handed. The velcro strips can be tightened and loosened, just like standard laces, to adjust the fit of the shoe.
  • There are also Nike boys' shoes available with no closures at all. These are slip-on shoes and sandals. This type of shoe can be put on quickly, and most children can put them on themselves.

What Materials are Nike Boys' Shoes Made Of?

Nike is known for using high quality materials in its shoes.

  • Some Nike boys' shoes are available in leather, faux leather or suede. This type of shoe is great for casual wear.
  • For breathable athletic shoes, Nike often uses cotton blends and polyester. This creates lightweight shoes.
  • The soles of Nike boys' shoes are mainly made of polyurethane which is a flexible, rubber-like material that wears down very slowly, ensuring that the shoes last a long time.