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Nike Mens Athletic Shoes

As the largest and most profitable sportswear company in the world, Nike produces sneakers for every occasion. Their lines of sneakers get endorsements from famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo. Additionally, Nike supplies major sports leagues and university sports teams with athletic wear. Nikes apparel lines include mens hats, mens baseball caps, and athletic and streetwear clothing.


Depending on the sport, sneakers vary in their construction and materials. Nike produces sneakers specifically for basketball, football, and running. Typically, their running shoes are lightweight, form fitting, and flexible. Nike Shox mens athletic shoes make up a popular line of running shoes with shock-absorbing soles in the form of four cylinder coils. Basketball sneakers require support and structure, as well as a responsive cushion footbed. Football trainers have cleated soles, and should be very durable and breathable.

Cross Training

Nike cross trainers or gym shoes are appropriate for a variety of different athletic activities. Their use is less specific than football sneakers, for example. However, by their very design, they are still durable and flexible enough to fit any training experience. They are lightweight enough for running short distances and supportive enough for lifting.


While Nike originally created them for basketball superstar Michael Jordan, Jordans are among of Nikes most popular mens athletic shoe lines. Their logo of Michael Jordans silhouette dunking a basketball is very recognisable, and collectors consider them a status symbol. Certain Jordans can be seen as luxury items or collectables. While Jordans are for basketball, many often wear them casually or in non-sports settings. One popular style is the Nike Air Max mens athletic shoe, which has several different styles within its collection.


Athleisure, or athletic leisure apparel and shoes, is a growing global trend with an enormous market. You can wear these lifestyle sneakers for various athletic activities, but they are less suitable for a specific sport, or combinations of sports, like cross trainers. Most fashion sneakers are comfortable and durable, with a strong emphasis on the look of the shoe. They come in a wide variety of colours and can be customisable.

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