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Nike Men's Socks

Nike Mens Socks

Mens socks are a must, as they go perfectly with sneakers in everyday or athletic situations. Socks not only provide a soft cushion between your feet and your shoes, but they often help to keep feet dry and comfortable in addition to preventing chafing and blisters from developing. Nike socks come in a range of styles as well as designs and colours, and you can purchase socks individually or as packs for an affordable deal. Stay stocked up on the most stylish socks when you browse mens socks from this iconic activewear brand.

What Are Some Nike Sock Styles?

You may think of socks as all the same, but as far as Nike is concerned, there are different sock styles from which to select. The Nike Elite series of socks is geared towards athletics (specifically, basketball) and are meant to keep feet moisture-free as you play. In addition, they also help to absorb shock. Nike Dri-FIT socks are made with fabric meant to wick sweat from your feet. Some sock designs to pick from include Nike crew socks, which are longer than quarter-length socks and go up your calf, while quarter-length options cover the ankle. No-show socks stay hidden beneath your sneakers, and low-cut socks represent the length between quarter-length and no-show and come right up to your ankle bone.

Which Colours and Sizes of Nike Socks Are Available?

While Nike offers socks in neutral colours like black, white and grey, there are some bold colour combinations to look for, including neon yellow, red, aqua and teal. There are also graphic patterns and prints to select, including camouflage socks, or colour combinations, like yellow and black or teal and orange. Represent your favourite football team with Nike socks bearing the logo of different clubs. Most Nike mens socks fit mens shoe sizes, and Nike offers a range of sizes for men.

What Are Some Features of Nike Mens Socks?

Nike socks are filled with features that keep feet comfortable whether youre at work or at play, on and off the court or field. Some of these features include moisture-wicking material, ribbed cuffs and a reinforced heel for added support and durability. Socks are machine-washable and safe to dry, and most are made of fabrics such as cotton, nylon and polyester, or blends of two or more fabrics. Some sock styles, including the Dri-FIT line, are made with a special ventilated fabric to cool feet off and keep them dry.