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Nike women's athletic shoes

Nike is a renowned brand when it comes to athletic wear and their shoes are one of the reasons why. A variety of colours, purposes, sizes and designs there is something for everyone to enjoy.All Nikes shoes feature a special mesh material that ensures breathability for your feet. This is important for athletic shoes as it prevents your feet from becoming uncomfortable due to overheating. Not only that, but it also minimizes the likelihood of odour.

When it comes to cooours there are a variety of options from single colour, two-tone to multicolor - you can really let your personality shine through. Some of the options available include neutral colours such as your basic black, white, cream and brown. Then you have colours that are a little bolder from blues, pinks, greens, and even yellow, you can even get some that are neon for those who really want something vibrant. All Nike shoes sport their signature symbol, the classic tick. The colour of this can vary and is usually located on the side of the shoe so you can easily recognize the brand.

What shoe to pick

When it comes to the number of Nike shoes in existence it can be difficult in deciding what shoe you should pick. Some shoes are specially made for running, others are made for general wear, and some are even made for weight lifting. The main difference when it comes to the shoe you are going to pick it comes down to construction.

Outsole - All Nike shoes are durable and made of quality. For running shoes, you need to consider an outsole that has a good amount of grip to ensure traction. Some of the outsoles made even have a slight curvature to assist in proper strides to improve efficiency and minimize damage.

Midsole - This can be made of rubber, foam gel and even a combination. This is to ensure that the midsole is going to absorb as much impact shock as possible to prevent aches, pains and even injury to your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Insole - The nike insoles are always incredibly comfortable to ensure that yoour comfort is of the most importance.

You may want to consider switching out your Nike laces so you can really personalize your shoe. Keep your kicks looking fresh with shoe care products.

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