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Nike Women's Nike React

Push yourself with Nike women’s React

The Nike women’s React range is a varied, wonderful collection of shoes to suit everybody. They’re built for performance, but it doesn’t hurt that they look amazing too, with a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from. React is actually the new foam technology used in many of Nike’s shoes, aimed at reducing running-related injuries. It’s responsive, comfortable, and durable, making it Nike’s best foam yet.

Several variations to choose from

There are so many Nike women’s shoes now featuring React foam. It’s proven to be extremely versatile, even more so than Nike first thought it would be. So, you can now find React versions of heaps of Nike shoes. Product lines like Infinity, Air Max, Element, Phantom, Odyssey and many more now come with React foam. If you like extremely comfortable shoes for all of your athletic pursuits, look for the ones that come with React. Your feet will thank you.

React is also not found in Nike’s basketball shoes, golf shoes and even some of their more casual styles. So, you don’t have to be a super athlete to benefit from the comfort and support of Nike React.

Built for running

While the React foam has proven to be very versatile, it was originally designed for use in running shoes. The technology is suited to running applications, because the foam is designed to promote a healthy foot strike and a more cushioned experience. If running is your thing, you can’t go past React.

Enjoy the magic of Flyknit

Nike’s very own Flyknit technology features in many of the Nike women’s React range. Flyknit basically means the top half of the shoe fits almost like a sock, and the base is still as comfortable and supportive as ever. That’s thanks to the strong threads used to hold the upper section together, creating an extremely lightweight and comfortable fit. If you want some seriously light and easy running shoes, look for the React variations with Flyknit. You’ll never go back to normal running shoes again.

Women's Nike React Afterpay

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