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Nike Women's Sportswear

Nike Womens Sportswear

Men and women are built differently, so their respective sportswear should be constructed a little differently as well. Nike has long been one of the most well-known manufacturers of quality sportswear, ranging from sneakers to trackshits and has a whole line dedicated to women who love athletics and sports. Whether you need Nike womens tracksuits for an early morning jog or Nike womens jackets to keep warm on a chilly morning before practice, there are many choices when it comes to sportswear for women.

What Are Some Choices for Nike Womens Outerwear?

Outerwear is often one of the most important pieces when it comes to sportswear. Many areas have four full seasons, so you want to be able to run in warmth and freezing temperatures both. Some options for outerwear include:

  • Tracksuits: Loose-fitting and often made of breathable material, tracksuits are a great choice for the track, cross-country jogging, or even lounging at home on a day off.
  • Jackets: Theres no rule that says you must wear a jacket for sports only, but its a great idea for chilly mornings and evenings or to keep out the wind. Look for water-resistant and waterproof options that help protect you during fierce winds or rain.
  • Nike womens shorts: A must for summer running, look for polyester and branded shorts that give you plenty of freedom of movement.
  • Nike womens leggings: Perfect for your yoga class, a spring jog or simply being at home, leggings are non-restrictive and offer plenty of comfort.

What Should I Wear for Which Activity?

Perhaps there are quite a few sports and athletic activities you partake in and are wondering what the best choices are for each sport.

  • Running: Depending on the weather, opt for tracksuits, T-shirts and loose-fitting shorts, jackets or sweatpants.
  • Cycling: For cycling, choose tight-fitting but breathable athletic shorts.
  • Soccer: Loose-fitting shirts and shorts for practice are best for soccer.
  • Yoga or aerobics: Leggings, T-shirts and shorts work well here.

What Are Some Bra and Underwear Choices?

As important as outerwear, what you wear underneath is equally as important, as it provides you comfort and support. There are a few must-haves when it comes to sportswear intimates and underwear:

  • Nike sports bras: Offering both a perfect fit and comfort, sports bras offer plenty of support during all types of exercise.
  • Nike socks: Ensure you have the right sock to fit the sport, with a comfortable fit that blends in seamlessly with your sneakers
  • Training tanks: Tight-fitting like a bra, these athletic tank tops offer both support and coverage.