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Unless you've just landed on earth, you'll be aware of the global enormity that is the Nike brand. Favoured by some of the world's highest profile athletes, Nike is a force to be reckoned with. Founded in 1964, the company has now grown into the largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel in the world, leaving competitors in its wake.

And that's exactly what they want you to do when you slip into your next pair of shoes, whether your passion is running, football, hockey, or any number of sports that Nike provide custom-made footwear for. You'll find it all here on eBay, from running shoes to sporting apparel and everything in between. So, for yourself, or the lover of high-quality sports footwear and apparel in your family, start shopping today!

Shoes for performance

Let Nike take you further with outstanding cushioning, supportive and durable shoes that look great off the track but are ready to perform at a world-class level. Engineered with responsive cushioning so that you can run distraction-free, all you need to do is shop the right shoe for your run: what surface do you run on, and what's your stride? On eBay, you'll find Nikes engineered for everything from indoor soccer to outdoor marathons on rugged terrain, complete with Gore-tex and reflective sections.

Shop Nike men's sneakers

Nike made their name in basketball shoes, and they're still at the top of their game.

You'll find a staggering choice of Nike sneakers on eBay, whether you need to stand out on the street or improve your technique on the court. Don't miss massive savings on pre-owned and brand-new Nike men's runners, including Nike Air, Nike Air Max and Nike Air Jordan.

While there's plenty of different styles to choose from such as high-top or low-profile shoes for any number of sports, there's also great options for running and hitting the gym. If you're an active person and want to get the best out of your exercise, your shoes need to support you in that quest, and the revolutionary technology used in all of Nike's footwear gives you just that. Shop all the latest and greatest styles today.

Shop Nike women's runners

Women's Nike runners are durable and versatile, made to feel and look great whether you're training for a half-marathon or just running around all day on endless errands. Nike shoes are built to last, and made for performance, meaning you can wear these shoes for so many different activities and still maintain the level of comfort you expect from the world's largest shoe brand.

Expect breathable uppers, responsive midsole cushioning, columnar support under the heel and vented toes. With Nike runners, you know you're getting world-class quality materials and design, with all the flexibility you need for the gym, your morning bike commute, running around the park with your dog or kicking goals with your team.

Shop Nike men's sportswear

Do you feel like you could take on the world if only you had the right athletic gear? Well fortunately, Nike has everything you need to be the very best you can be. For athletes of all kinds, Nike creates purpose-built apparel for your chosen sport. Whether you need comfortable, loose-fitting basketball shorts and tops or the very best quality soccer tops, there's something for everyone here.

But it isn't just the future sports stars of the world who can benefit from everything Nike has to offer. You'll also find the very best active wear for men, so if you love hitting the gym and getting your body in peak condition, you'll be covered with this great range of singlets, tank tops, shorts, t-shirts and long-sleeve training shirts.

If you love getting your runner's high and pushing through that pain barrier, you need comfortable clothes to do it in, and what better than Nike's activewear tops for men. From waterproof running tops and jackets to compression tops and a huge range of running singlets, you can't go wrong with Nike.

Shop Nike Women's Sportswear

If you're a modern woman leading an active lifestyle, you'll know how important it is to be supported by the clothes you wear. Whether it's jogging along the beach in comfortable, durable athletic shorts or pants, to hitting the gym for a workout in a crop top and singlet combo that gives you the freedom to perform, you're going to find the perfect gear in the Nike women's sportswear range.

There's even plenty of long-sleeve tops for those colder evening runs, and they're lightweight and breathable so you know you can maintain maximum comfort no matter how hard you're pushing yourself. You'll even find an impressive selection of Nike sports bras, running jackets, tennis outfits, t-shirts and everything you need to stay fit, healthy and active.

Shop Nike for kids

Why should adults get to have all the fun when it comes to quality athletic gear? There's nothing better than teaching your children about fitness, exercise, looking after themselves and striving to be their best. One way to do that is to get them decked out in a pair of awesome Nike sneakers and letting them pursue their favourite sports.

Comfort is important for kids, because their bodies are still developing. Nike understands this and creates their range of Nike boy's shoes with support and comfort in mind. It's exactly the same with their girl's running shoes, so you can be sure your children's feet are being looked after in a pair of Nikes.

Durability is also a key factor in kid's shoes, because they can put them through absolute hell! If only we had the energy they did, we'd probably wear out the soles of our shoes just as quickly. Nike shoes are built to last, so no matter what your kids throw at them, you know they'll stand up to the test.

Best of all, these Nike kid's shoes look great, in heaps of different style and colours, so even the most fashion-conscious youngster will love getting out there and being their best in a brand-new pair of Nikes.

Latest and collectable Nike sneakers

Grab a bargain on barely worn sneakers that will be the envy of your crew or pick up a pair of never-worn classics to add to your collection. You'll find brand-new retro runners in a spectrum of nostalgic colours and styles, from minimalist pull-on runners to maximalist chunky sneakers in slick white with neon highlights.

Nike Afterpay

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