Nikon 1 NIKKOR Camera Lenses

Fast focusing for Nikon 1

If you’ve got a Nikon 1 camera, these Nikkor 18.5mm auto-focus lenses are the perfect addition to your gear bag. With a minimum aperture down to f/1.8, this lens is able to give sharp, clear photos every time.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enjoy crisp, clear photos, and that’s proven with the quality of this lens. Whether you’re taking close-up nature photos, or standard photos in a social setting, the Nikkor 18.5mm lens is something you’ll definitely want to try.

The Nikkor 18.5mm Focal Lens

The 18.5mm Nikkor lens comes in three different colours to match the bodies of the Nikon 1, and it’s also very light, weighing in at just 70g. The technology behind this lens allows quick auto-focusing whenever an edge is detected in your photo, making it great for closeups. It also performs well in low light, which is a great reason to add this one to your equipment.

When you want detailed images with accurate colour reproduction, the Nikkor 18.5 handles the job well. It’s also extremely quiet, so there’s no clunking around when auto-focusing. It does the job quickly and quietly so you can focus on the target of your photos. It also comes with front and rear lens caps, and you can purchase a lens hood separately if required.

Great for all photographers

Many amateur photographers feel that extremely high-quality pictures are out of reach, however these Nikkor 18.5mm lenses knock that idea on the head. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a semi-pro or photography is just a hobby, you can get great pics with these lenses. If you’re using a Nikon 1, this is a must-have addition to your equipment. Start shopping today, because you’ll find the tools to take great photos are much more affordable than you think!