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COOLPIX Digital Cameras

Nikon has one of the largest collections of cameras in the world. One of Nikon’s most successful product lines is the COOLPIX series. Over the years, Nikon released cameras that work the way you do. The Coolpix line has many variations with features, including low-light vision, which elevates them as cameras that can go wherever you go.

P Series

If you’re looking for performance in a camera, the P-Series can deliver on that need. Fit for serious photographers, the P series is a good alternative to DSLR style cameras. Always using the world class NIKKOR lens, there’s a great chance a great shot is just around the corner.

S Series

For those looking to accessorize their image capturing ventures, the stylish S-Series, has a camera that can take a great pic while making the photographer look good. Carrying on the tradition of quality components, from the lens to the touch screen on some models, the experience of capturing the moment will not pass you by. Even colour choices such as a Nikon COOLPIX white digital camera or Nikon COOLPIX red digital camera can add more vibrancy to your life.

AW Series

When seeking adventures out in the elements, having the right camera is a crucial part of getting that next great action shot. The all-weather series of COOLPIX cameras can stand up to volatile weather and raging water patterns. Look for a durable weather-proof camera from this Nikon COOLPIX series.

L Series

The L Series gives you a compact camera that can pack some punch. This series has the ability to fit within your life and not the other way around. Carry these cameras anywhere you go and you’re sure to be ready for when the moment presents itself. You’ll be ready with a camera that is easy to handle and always ready to go.