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Nikon Teleconverter Camera Lenses

Nikon Teleconverter Camera Lenses

A Nikon teleconverter camera lens is a great in-between lens. If youre not ready to spring for a new Nikon telephoto lens but still want to extend your photographic reach, this teleconverter is a great extender to take your photography to the next level. Some zoom lenses are compatible with teleconverters and some are not, so be sure to research which lenses are compatible before selecting. Whether you are coupling the teleconverter with another or are using it with a compatible lens, you will find these extenders helpful. They are small and wont take up too much space in your camera bag.

What is a teleconverter?

A teleconverter is a camera accessory that increases a lens apparent focal length to give you a greater telephoto effect. When a Nikon teleconverter is placed between the cameras body and the cameras lens, it magnifies your subject. This lens extends your reach so that you can get clear shots of the action without risking getting too close to the action. A teleconverter isnt a zoom lens; instead, it magnifies the centre portion of the frame. Teleconverters come in different lengths, so when choosing the length of your teleconverter, consider what you will be taking pictures of and the type of photography you are doing.

What are teleconverters good for?

Not all telephoto lenses are zoom lenses. A telephoto lens, much like a teleconverter, allows you to magnify and isolate your subject. These lenses work well when taking shots of wildlife, because you can remain at a safe distance for both you and the wildlife and still get the perfect shot. This camera lens allows you to keep the close focusing distance.

Should I use a Nikon teleconverter?

Consider the type of photography you are trying to achieve when choosing a camera lens. You also need to consider the type of lens you want to enhance with a teleconverter, as Nikon teleconverter lenses are not compatible with every type of NIKKOR lens. You typically dont telephoto a zoom lens, but teleconverters usually combine well with FX lenses. Be advised that you may experience some loss of light, lens speed or a decrease in sharpness while using a teleconverter. You should also consider the type of Nikon camera youre shooting with when choosing a Nikon teleconverter, because some cameras require a slower shutter speed or an increased ISO.