Nilfisk ALTO vacuums and scrubber dryers make cleaning simple   

When it comes to buying professional cleaning equipment online it’s hard to look past Nilfisk-ALTO, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Nilfisk ALTO prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of premium cleaning products such as floorcare equipment, high pressure washers and above all, commercial and domestic vacuum cleaners.   

Nilfisk ALTO vacuums   

One of the most popular items in the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner range is the GD5 backpack vacuum cleaner, which offers the comfort and convenience of a lightweight ergonomic design strapped to your back and shoulders, along with sufficient power to clean those floors quickly and effectively. Despite the streamlined size and shape, this model still features a large dust bag that you won’t have to constantly change.    

Worried about the noise impacting your busy home or business? The GD5 delivers a low sound level that’s ideal for any noise-sensitive environment.   

Nilfisk ALTO scrubber dryers   

For deep floor cleaning in tight spaces, consider the Nilfisk ALTO SC100 Scrubber Dryer. It beats the traditional mop and bucket any day! The SC100 is operated in an upright position and can scrub and clean floors in a single pass, making it the perfect heavy duty cleaning solution for retail stores, bars and restaurants, hotels and of course, the humble home.   

Nilfisk ALTO parts and accessories   

So you’re a proud owner of Nilfisk ALTO cleaning equipment but you need to buy some replacement parts or accessories? You’ve come to the right place. eBay stocks a range of new and used Nilfisk ALTO vacuum cartridge filters, filter elements for hazardous materials, vacuum motors, motor protection filters, bayonet fitting conversion adapters, vacuum hoses, hose coupling sleeves, and more.   

Looking for a Nilfisk ALTO professional cleaning solution or other commercial vacuum cleaners? Check out eBay and find the equipment you need today!