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Effective cleaning starts with Nilfisk, which redefines what it means to be clean with maximum impact and minimum effort. eBay gives you a chance to work smarter, not harder, with a suite of Nilfisk canister vacuums and Nilfisk parts and accessories available online every day. 

Nilfisk's nifty range of vacuum cleaners 

Nilfisk prides itself on providing those tasked with cleaning with the right solution for a range of dirty jobs. The company's range of vacuum cleaners covers everything from dry canister vacs and uprights to portable backpacks and battery-driven and wet and dry vacs. Whether you need to clean carpet, floorboards, tile or other combinations of surfaces, Nilfisk has a vacuum that can do the job. 

Each Nilfisk machine is designed with the optimal operator comfort in mind. Easy to use, highly maneuverable and sturdy, Nilfisk products are a reliable solution for robust cleaning needs. Do you suffer from dust allergies? Breathe easy with the knowledge that Nilfisk's high-quality HEPA filters ensure powerful suction action and efficient filtration. 

Parts and accessories 

If you already know the brilliance of a Nilfisk vacuum and are looking for replacement parts and accessories, eBay's got you covered. Pick up vacuum bags, hoses, filters and more to keep your cleaning routine strong. 

Nilfisk's commitment to innovation 

Nilfisk Horizon Program focuses on developing intelligent cleaning offerings to make customers' businesses smarter. Nilfisk spends hundreds of thousands on research and development, and globally they have more than 250 engineers and specialists working on pushing the envelope. 

For top-grade cleaning solutions, don't go past Nilfisk vacuums on eBay.