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Ninja Countertop Blenders

Ninja Countertop Blenders

If you love smoothies and juicing, a capable blender is probably high on your wishlist. You could shell out a lot of money for a professional brand of countertop blender, but is it worth it? If youd rather spend your money on other things, a Ninja blender can give you similar results without the high cost.

From Blenders to Systems

Ninja blenders and food processors are well known for providing good results for your blending needs. If you are looking to add a single use appliance to your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with a Ninja blender of any kind. For example, the Nutri Ninja blenders are personal size, specifically made to create single serving smoothies. They have enough power to give you smooth drinks every single time. More than the Nutri Ninja, if you are looking for a multitasking system for your kitchen, a Intelli-Sense Processor and Blender system is a good appliance. Ninja food processors with blenders can blend, process, spiralize, and even comes with a dough hook to help you make bread recipes.

Powerful Blender Motors

Standard blenders generally have motors that range from 500 to 800 watts. On the other hand, Ninja blenders lowest wattage is 900, already topping the competition. The motors go all the way up to 1500 watts.

Auto-IQ Programming

Some of the Ninja blenders come with preset options for different types of blending. The Auto-IQ system allows you to choose a puree, smoothie, pulse or other blend recipe with just one button. This is more than just a timed blitz of the blender. Rather, each recip is designed to maximise the product you are trying to make.

Durable Blade Design

The Ninja blenders have blades that are designed to maximise the surface area of the blades so that fruit, seeds, ice and even tough veggie leaves get crushed. Different models have different blade types, so check each model to see what each one does best.