For high-performance blending and nutrient extraction Ninja is the personal blender you need! 

Ninja blenders combine a powerful motor with their very own Patented Pro Extractor Blades to easily break down whole fruits and vegetables making it easy for you to create delicious and healthy juices or smoothies in no time at all! These powerful units are available in single personal blenders all the way to a more in-depth, complete food processor station tailorable for how much space you have in the kitchen. 

Ninja blenders come in a range of sizes to suit any style of kitchen or amount of family members. These blenders make it possible to make smooth and great tasting drinks in seconds that feature all the nutrients and vitamins of whatever you choose to blend. get the most out of what you are juicing easily with Ninja. 

You will not find a more effective Counter-Top Blender than the range from Ninja. As one of the world's most popular kitchen appliances, Ninja are experts at designing nutri-extracting, food processing solutions for on-the-go people. Simply press a button and Ninja does all of the work, leaving no item unblended, ice included! 

Ninja offer a range of products to suit various budget sizes along with dishwasher safe, sealable cups meaning that you can head out the door with your smoothie the second it has finished blending, jump in the car or on the bus and not spill a drop! Ninja design with convenience in mind so you can stay healthy and enjoy delicious, freshly made juices every day with little to no hassle! Search their range on eBay now.