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Nintendo GameCube Consoles

Nintendo GameCube Consoles were sold between 2002 and 2007, yet they have still gained popularity in recent years. While the GameCube's successor, the Wii, was backwards compatible with its software, it seems that many are looking for a return to the full GameCube experience.

GameCube Consoles Inside and Out

The GameCube consoles were released in a few different colours, including black, indigo, orange, silver and white. While this contributed to a look more like a kids gaming system than a system for serious adults, the actual processing power outperformed any of the competitors on the market at the time. It also included memory card slots for saving game data.

Limited Edition GameCube Consoles

Nintendo brought out a number of limited edition GameCube consoles through the run of the product. Most of these consoles were released in Japan, with a few being released in Europe and North America. These limited edition consoles included ones themed to GameCube game releases. It is possible to find some still, but you will definitely pay a premium compared to the more common consoles.

A Variety of GameCube Controllers

The Nintendo GameCube controllers and attachments also came in a number of different colours and themes. The controller itself is long lasting, rarely failing or needing replacement. At one point, Nintendo brought out a wireless controller, the WaveBird Wireless Controller. This was powered by AA batteries. There were also two other input controllers, the Donkey Kong Bongos and the Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Pad. The bongos were intended to be used with the Donkey Konga and DK Jungle Beat games. The Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Pad was released with the game that had the same name.

GameCube Games Library

Despite any assumptions about the GameCube because of its looks, the system had a strong library of games that are still sought after today. As with any Nintendo console, some of the most popular were the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda games. In all there were over 600 video games for Nintendo GameCube that were released.

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