Nintendo GameCube Controllers and Attachments

There are a number of different controllers and attachments that work with Nintendo GameCube consoles. These controllers and attachments can enhance your overall gaming experience and make it possible for you to navigate through many different types of video games for Nintendo GameCube including action games, dancing games and racing games.

Nintendo GameCube Wired Controllers

Nintendo GameCube wired controllers feature a cord that connects directly to the GameCube console. These controllers do not require any external power which means you never have to replace batteries. They feature an ergonomic shape that is designed for comfort even during long gaming sessions. The buttons on these controllers are arranged in an order that is easy to remember so you can move through the games quickly and efficiently.

Nintendo GameCube Wireless Controllers

Nintendo GameCube wireless controllers are battery powered controllers that do not attach directly to the GameCube. These controllers are a good choice for those who prefer a larger range of motion because there is no cord tethering them to the console. These wireless controllers come in a wide array of colours so you can choose one that suits your personal style.

Nintendo GameCube Action Pads

Nintendo GameCube action pads are designed for dancing games. They are large mats that you place on the floor and they feature sensors that you can step on in order to interact with the game on the screen. Most of them feature four arrows with a sensor under each arrow. Action pads attach directly to the GameCube console and they do not require batteries.

Nintendo GameCube Racing Wheels

Some of the most popular Nintendo GameCube Accessories are Nintendo GameCube racing wheels. These attachments are designed for racing and driving games and they allow you to more realistically control the vehicle you are driving in the game. Some racing wheels also come with a brake and accelerator to enhance your virtual driving experience even more.