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Nintendo Wii Controllers and Attachments

Nintendo Wii games come in all different genres, and some games require special controllers to achieve optimum gameplay (and because it's fun.) Steering wheel controllers make racing games more exciting, while guitar-shaped gamepads make Guitar Hero feel more realistic. Match the game to the controller for the best gaming experience possible.

Crash Pad

One of the most essential Wii controllers and attachments is the traditional gamepad controller. Whether you opt for Wii gamepads or unbranded game controllers and attachments, wired or wireless gamepads give you all the options you need at your fingertips, including movement controls as well as a media player remote control. Use the joysticks to move and the buttons to shoot, jump, and kick.

Nintendo Navigation

Nintendo Wii navigation controllers and nunchucks work in tandem with motion controllers to provide a more immersive, in-depth gaming experience. The ergonomic nunchuk fits smoothly into your hand and allows you to move with one hand while performing actions with the other. Using Wii's motion-sensor technology, the nunchuk controller allows for easy freedom of movement and added control during gameplay.

Going Through the Motions

Nintendo Wii motion controllers work alone or with a nunchuk to move throughout Wii games. With the brand's motion detection enabled, the motion controller allows for more precise and controlled movements. The wireless design means you're not tethered to your console, and the remote gives you gaming access like you've never had before; meaning, you can almost feel like you're inside the games, due to the controller's intuitive nature. For instance, you'll swing the controller like a racket when you play tennis.

Guitar God

One of the most beloved Wii games of all time is Guitar Hero. The controller doesn't look like typical game controllers; in fact, it replicates the look of a rock-and-roll guitar. While you play Guitar Hero, you'll literally be playing the game on a guitar, as the controls are accessible from the front and sides of the controller. The wireless guitar with shoulder strap makes playing this music-based game even more fun, especially with friends.

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