Great hair and skin treatment can be found on eBay 

There's nothing quite like snow flakes falling from your hair. However, in this instance we're not talking about the cold weather variety. it's that embarrassing dry flaky stuff called dandruff that seems to come from nowhere. Fortunately, there's a brand that has the happy knack of getting it under control. Nizoral Anti Dandruff Treatment and Shampoo treats and prevents dandruff and the symptoms of a dry, red, flaky and itching scalp. Nizora can also help in other ways. If you find that your skin is skin is irritating you, Nizora has a helpful aid in the form of a clinically tested Dermatitis and Antifungal Skin Creme.

To eliminate dandruff all you have to do is apply some Nizoral Anti Dandruff Treatment. You just gently massage the shampoo over the scalp area, rinse thoroughly and repeat. You only have to do this twice weekly. And there's an excellent range to choose from in shampoos- and- conditioners. To take care of that skin irritation, Nizoral Antifungal Skin Cream treats common fungal and candidal infections including mild dermatitis when present on the face and body. You can find out more of how effective it can be at antifungal-skin-cream. As a duo, these two Nizoral products can be very effective. 

If you want to really get rid of that embarrassing and annoying dandruff and also look after your skin, then why not give Nizoral a try.