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Nobo Heating Systems

As the cold weather starts to set in, more family and leisure time is spent indoors to escape the cold temperatures outdoors. Nobo heating systems are a sleek and stylish heating solution for your home and office. Many electric furnace and heating systems are portable or wall mountable, offering optimum comfort indoors.

Wall Mountable

Nobo heating systems are wall mountable meaning that you don't have to sacrifice floor space for your heating needs. Wall mountable electric heating systems look sleek, stylish and modern when compared with other older, bulky heating systems. Once you have selected the perfect place to install your Nobo heating system, you will enjoy the comfort of warmth that is also pleasing to the eye.


Some Nobo electric furnace heating systems use 1500w of power and measure 400mm x 400mm x 775mm. With a built-in thermostat, room temperatures are kept accurately at the comfort level selected. The Nobo heating systems use radiation to heat your space and hot air streams flow into the room through the front grille vent. All systems include a built-in safety mechanism that insures the heating system does not overheat. They are truly an easy and effective alternative to other heat sources with easy installation and stylish looks so your eye is not distracted from your decor.


The Nobo heating system could save you on your heating costs with the temperature roll back system function and the ability for the Nobo heating systems to be timed out or paused once ambient room temperature has reached the selected comfort level. These furnace heating systems run silently to ensure that you will never be disturbed by the heating system as it effortlessly warms your room space with the thermostat monitors tracking the temperature every minute.


Nobo heating systems come with a 3-year warranty with no added cost to you, meaning you can have peace of mind when purchasing their heating systems, knowing the system will last.