Nolan offers the best in mid-range modular helmets with beautiful and sturdy Italian design and construction to keep you safe on the road 

Nolan construct the outer shell of their helmets from a material called Lexan which has excellent performance compared to conventional thermoplastics. This makes Nolan helmets more compact with better aerodynamics and lower weight. Most Nolan helmets have an internal sun visor that can be adjusted to different positions and are perfect for keeping wind and noise out whilst retaining overall comfort. Enjoy less drag and wind resistance as well as improved safety from the best modular helmet makers in the industry. 

Nolan Helmets have undergone a definitive evolution with enhanced performance in wearability and soundproofing with padding that is moisture-wicking, breathable and treated with antibacterial and antifungal salt. The chin strap padding delivers extra comfort and can be unstrapped which still makes the helmet road legal. 

The lightweight and aerodynamic nature of Nolan Motorcycle Helmet Parts make them quite desirable by riders everywhere, which is why they can be purchased separately from eBay. Find replacement parts for your Nolan helmet as well has new liners to keep everything fresh and in top-shape for maximum safety. 

Nolan helmets feature large, optically correct visors that can be changed easily with a simple push-button release mechanism and offer UV400 protection and a fog-resistant sun shield which is also easily adjusted. They are also available in a range of colours to suit the rest of your riding wear. Keep yourself safe and looking good with the quality design of Nolan helmets, your best protection on the road!