Note Counters

Note Counters

Counting money by hand is time-consuming and leaves a lot of room for human error. For businesses that handle large amounts of cash, automated currency counting is a necessity.

Mechanical Note Counters

A note counter can count the amount of money in a stack of notes extremely quickly thanks to advanced computer technology. The simplest designs use a mechanical roller to pull notes from an input hopper through a sensor that counts each note passing through. If you only need to count the number of notes instead of calculating their value, this may be enough. Value counters are more complex, as they have to use imaging technology to distinguish between banknotes of different values. However, there are enough differences between different denominations for value counters to count notes very quickly.

Electronic Note Counters

Mechanical note counting machines are not the only money handling and counting equipment available for valuing stacks of notes. Some more advanced counters measure the amount of money purely by weight. They use extremely accurate load cells to weigh the the total amount placed on the scale. The numbers are then run through advanced money-counting algorithms. These algorithms are complex enough to take factors like wear into account when weighing notes. Electronic money counters can weigh both notes and coins at the same time, allowing you to run a business with fewer cash register accessories.

Counterfeit Detection

One potential source of error for note counting machines is counterfeit money. Many note counting machines come with counterfeit detection features. Counterfeit checking can also be done by stand-alone machines. Australian banknotes feature a whole suite of security features including a clear window, holographic images and UV printed text and pictures. Counterfeit detection machines look for these security features. Using UV light to check the UV printing is an especially common way to sniff out fakes.

Coin Counting

While money counters count paper notes, coin counters count coins. Almost all businesses will handle both notes and coins, so coin counting is as important as note counting. Each coin is a different size and weight, which makes it quite easy to sort them. Machines that also count the value of the coins may rely on weight or may use sensors to count the coins as they fall into their appropriate slots. Note that foreign coin counters are unlikely to work as different currencies have different sized coins.