Take Note of Life With a Notebook

While going digital is popular for many pursuits, sometimes the old-fashioned paper notebook is the simplest and best solution. Technology is great, but sometimes it's slow to boot up or respond, and if you need to take notes or jot down an idea, you want to do it now – not in five minutes time. Humble pen and paper isn't just convenient – it also offers a tactile experience that can help you to memorise important information or remember key appointments or dates.

Moleskine notebooks for great quality and style

Moleskine's collection of diaries, notebooks, and art journals on eBay have grown in popularity recently. The brand produces high quality bound paper products that feel luxurious to use but also offer durability and reliability. In particular, its art journals are much loved by artists because the paper holds ink and paint well, not allowing bleeding like lower quality papers tend to. Covers are tough and designed to withstand being thrown into backpacks or pockets for excursions across country or through city streets.

Spirax for taking notes and writing drafts

Spirax has long been a mainstay in Australian schools and businesses. Its selection of notebooks and pads in various sizes are most suited to writing, rather than artistic pursuits. If you want something fairly cheap but reliable that won't give way under vigorous scribbling, Spirax paper notebooks make a good choice.

Binders for paper notebook protection

If you're shopping on eBay for a primary or high school student, you can expect any notebooks to be crammed into packed bags, thrown from one person to another, dropped, and otherwise tested to its limits. One simple way to protect your student's notes and drafts from being destroyed (or eaten by the dog) is to buy a binder to wrap it in. These typically come in both A5 and A4 sizes, and one or more notebooks can be slotted inside the protective cover. The outside can be decorated as the student sees fit. Browse through the range to find a style to suit.