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Novelty Mugs

Novelty mugs to brighten up your day

Novelty mugs will make you and your friends smile every day, with a range of unique designs to cater to every interest. Why pick a plain mug when you can drink your tea or coffee in a mug that shows your personality and interests?

Shop right here on eBay Australia for high-quality novelty mugs in an ever-growing selection of themes, in choices of materials to suit every need. Give a gift to remember or treat yourself today.

Shop by theme

Animal themed mugs offer a rare stand-out design for your kitchen cupboard. Even available with animal-themed handles, try out an elephant mug with the trunk as a handle! Great for childrens mugs or adult mugs, remind yourself or a loved one of a cherished wildlife trip or particular animals that you have a connection to. Even if that animal is a unicorn, weve got it covered.

Perhaps you are looking for a set of mugs for a special occasion. There is an array of Christmas themed mugs for the special day, personalised wedding mugs or even Australia themed if youre having a party to celebrate, well... Australia!

If youre looking for something more adult, try out the rude adult-themed coffee mugs. Tickle your sense of humour with naughty swear word or funny joke mugs that make you giggle.

Shop by material

Novelty mugs are available in all of your classic mug materials. From ceramic, enamel, tin, glass or plastic. Whatever you are looking for, shop for your preferred material. Even search for novelty flasks to take around with you. From home to work, get something different with novelty portable cups.

Some designs offer changing appearances, with parts of the image printed on the mug, disappearing once hot water is added. This material could offer extra laughs with a touch of novelty magic.