Novelty Stationery Wholesale Lots

Perfect for retail, school kids, party favours, or prizes, novelty stationery wholesale lots let you purchase large quantities of stationery items for an affordable price. Stock up on everything from cute character pens to pencils embellished with sayings, or opt for fun shaped erasers kids love. Ranging in quantities from 10 up to 100 or more, purchasing items in bulk guarantees you remain within your budget but get the high-quality stationery supplies you need.

Pencil Me In

Bulk pencils and novelty stationery give you the option to purchase everything from basic pencils to over-the-top designs with figurines on top, feathers, or sparkles. Bendy pencils are fun for kids to play and write with, and make great party favours or additions to a school room treat bin. Select coloured pencils for drawing, or opt for non-sharpening pencils with a bright or glittery exterior. Pencils with novelty erasers on top, such as butterflies or hearts, make the grade with kids of all ages.

The Pen is Mightier

A more permanent alternative than pencils, bulk pens and novelty stationery offer many appealing choices. Pens that feature favourite characters, such as the Minions from Despicable Me, are child-friendly, and with features like a light-up design, they'll be in high demand. Novelty pencils that look like bowling pins, drumsticks, or lollipops make people do a double take. Give kids something extra to do when you select pens that have a rolling stamp on top to create images on paper, or celebrate holidays with seasonal pens, such as snowmen.

I Stand Corrected

Erasers correct mistakes when you use a pencil, and designs no longer limit you to the pink rectangle of the past. Bulk erasers come in a variety of shapes, such as foods, animals, emojis, and crayons. Erasers vary in size, from miniature to palm-sized, and range from basic styles that you stick on top of a pencil to erasers shaped like pens and encased in plastic, making it easy to rub away errors. Bag bulk erasers that look like puppies, skulls, or race cars and make mistakes a memory.

Set It Up

Stationery sets are a great way to get a bit of everything. Most sets include pens, pencils, a pencil case, and erasers, but sets vary. Some options include a notepad or a ruler, while others come with stickers that match the other supplies in the set. Character sets are the most popular, featuring images from TV shows or movies like Toy Story and Spider-Man. Activity books in a set make great party favours for kids, along with crayons or stamps and a small ink pad.